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Energy How UK specialises in helping customers to reduce their energy bills and increase their comfort, whilst aiding the environment with our range of renewable and low carbon technologies. We take a holistic view of the property or premises and analyse all aspects of its energy performance and efficiency, from the materials used to construct it, to the appliances used to heat the space and provide hot water and lighting.

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Increase Efficiency

Switch to Efficient

By switching to a more efficient heat source for your home or business you can increase your Energy Performance rating which can offer varied benefits. To find out how you can benefit click below.

Decrease Consumption

Dont compromise

Instead of paying for wasted energy which is lost due to poor insulation and inefficient heating solutions, we can help review where inefficiencies lie and look at solutions aimed at using as little energy as possible while not compromising on your comfort levels. To find out how you can benefit click below

Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Both Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pump systems are a very efficient and effective form of heating for customers considering reducing their dependency on fossil fuels and reduce their energy costs, as well as contributing towards a greener environment and earning money from the Renewable Heat Incentive. They can supply the full heat and hot water demand for a property using a standard wet radiator system or a underfloor heating system. They can also be an ideal heat source to heat swimming pools more efficiently.

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

Offering a greatly reduced cost of heating hot water starting from as little as 15p per day, SAHP solutions are a great addition to your home or business. Heat energy is extracted from the environment via the refrigerant in the panel, (during both the day and the night) and is then transferred through a heat exchanger to the water, increasing its temperature. This water can then be stored in either your existing cylinder, or a completely new one.

Battery Storage & EV Chargers

Pairing solar panels with solar batteries is fairly new, but comes with several advantages. First, a solar battery stores the energy generated during sunlight hours and makes it available for use whenever is needed, such as at night or on cloudy days, essentially enabling your home to run on 100% renewable solar energy around the clock.

Second, you can maximise your benefits by partnering with a heat pump for space heating and aiming to become as self-sufficient as possible in your property.

Lastly, by adding a solar panel battery to your solar system, you can choose to be independent from the national grid at any time, thereby ensuring energy security for your household.

Service & Maintenance

Energy How UK offers tailored maintenance packages from reactive servicing to breakdown cover and preventive maintenance on Gas, Oil, LPG and Electric Boilers, Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers, Thermodynamic Systems, Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems. To get a no obligation quotation send us your enquiry for a FREE assessment.

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