Scotland – leading the way in energy efficiency

Scotland leads the way when it comes to green energy. The Committee on Climate Change – an independent, statutory body – stated that it regularly outperforms the rest of the UK when it comes to slashing carbon emissions.

Why is this? Well, there’s no doubt that power generation is a major factor. Four years ago, renewables became Scotland’s largest power source. And, last year, Scottish Power became the first major UK energy company to generate all its electricity from wind.

Scotland has a target of net-zero emissions by 2045 and activity is already underway to meet that target, including the Home Energy Scotland program. It provides free impartial energy efficiency advice, plus a range of zero-interest loans for energy-saving home improvements as well as e-bikes and EVs. The program has saved over 6 million tonnes of CO2 since 2008.

Other targets, such as recycling 70% of all waste by 2025, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds over the next 14 years have given rise to organizations, such as Zero Waste Scotland, which carries out vital work in cutting industry and consumer waste, and Keep Scotland Beautiful, who campaign for environmental behavior change.