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Energy How UK provides professional servicing & maintenance for all boiler heating systems (gas, oil, LPG, biomass and electric), as well as air and ground source heat pumps, solar PV systems, and solar thermal and wood burning stoves and gas fires. We also offer monthly payment plans or one off services.
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Frequent Questions


Can a heat pump work in freezing conditions?

Yes, most common heat pumps are effective even below freezing which makes them ideal for the UK climate. Their efficiency means they can meet your full heat demand if sized correctly and will be a greatly efficient form of space heating and hot water, offering cheaper running cost and a financial payback through the RHI tariff in the UK.


How does a Thermodynamic Hot Water system work?

The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box uses a panel, looking a bit like a solar panel, that collects heat for your hot water. It is a type of 'thermodynamic panel' and it works as a heat pump, using electricity to pump heat from a low temperature to a higher temperature.


Will Solar PV work in the UK?

Despite Its Grey Weather, the UK Is a Good Place to Install Solar Panels. So, contrary to what many would think, despite its reputation for having grey and cloudy weather, the UK has more than enough sunlight to power solar panels. It actually gets the same amount of solar radiation as certain areas in France or Spain, which are meant to have more Mediterranean climate.


Is Battery Storage worthwhile?

Battery storage technology has greatly advanced and with the launch of Sunamps heat battery which stores electricity and heat for hot water or space heating this has increased the reality of maximising the generation from your solar PV system as well as capability to charge from split energy tariffs.


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