Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

Solar Assisted Hot Water

Why Go Solar Assisted?

Solar assisted heat pumps provide consistent hot water, 24/7, all year round! This is because it only relies on atmospheric temperature.

Solar Panels

Roof and Wall Fixtures

For the solar assisted hot water panels, we can provide both wall and roof fixtures, depending on your property and requirements.


The Process

Energy is extracted from the environment via the panel, (during both the day and the night) and is then transferred to the water, increasing its temperature. This water can then be stored in either your existing cylinder, or a completely new one.

Full Service,
Quality Products

Our renewable energy products come with full, professional service, and are helping the environment and improving the lives of people every day. Our Solar Assisted Heat Pump products are no exception. Energy How offers 2 variations of SAHP products, LMTB and BMTB. Contact us now to see which is right for you, and how much you could save!


  • Best suited to be retrofitted to an existing water cylinder
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the old system
  • Ability to connect multiple systems for larger volumes


  • For properties without (or upgrading) their water cylinder
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the new system
  • Ability to connect multiple systems for larger volumes
“I initially spoke to Energy How with consideration of installing Solar PV in 2015 but went with another company on bad advice. I had to sheepishly return to Energy How for accurate advice in late 2016 after my system stopped working and they were able to rectify the issue, while upgrading my inverter and installing a battery storage system and thermodynamics. I since recommended the company to my neighbours who have seen similar benefits. ”
Mr & Mrs Moir, Aberdeen

“I had my Biomass boiler partnered with Thermodynamics for my hot water fitted in 2017. Replacing a 30yr old system I saw instantaneous benefits and glad I went for the new system after 6 months of site visits and advice offered. I felt at ease knowing I was in safe hands. ”
Ms O’Neill, Oban


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